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Aesthetics Meets Art Of Giving. is an online portal for clothing, accessories and home décor. Each and every product is carved and processed under our vision. is so outlined to 'educate' its consumers about the product they buy be it clothing, accessories or home decor. Along with the overall appeal, we believe in explicitly defining the intricacies and the product-quality. The official brand partner ‘The Royal Indian Riviera’ via exploring the differentiation and creating a fusion, hopes to find a way to homogeneity. acts as a social partner to make the world a happier place. Strictly against animal killing, we believe in the hilosophy of Fashion being free and not fatal (with leather products taking a backseat).

With a mission to abridge the gap among 'societal groupings' through a Fashion Portal, hopes to act as a catalyst in the process of 'social inclusion' where people from all spheres come under one roof to celebrate humanity. The concept of 'social inclusion' forms our base and we use 'fashion' as a tool to cross the conventional boundaries.