Hand crafted with love!
Delivery date: Within 1 week. Returns acepted only if product shipped is unused / wrong / defected. Products below Rs. 500 will be charged Rs. 50 extra as shipping cost.

Size: 104x88 inches (approx.)

Base Colour: White

Fabric: Cotton (Bleed Free)

Care: Handwash


Hand made with utmost precision.

(No pillow covers included)


The term 'applique' is derived from the French word appliquer which means 'to put on or lay on' or 'to apply'. The earliest known example of applique dates back to 980 B.C.Egypt. In applique. pieces of fabric forming the design are cut out and prepared to eliminate the raw edges. These are then placed on the larger backing fabric and sewn in place using a variety of stitches. Several cultures use applique to decorate clothes, quilts, curtains, wall hangings, cushions, bags and accessories. 

'White on white' emerged lately to add subtlety and elegance. The entire process takes at least 7 days of consistent hardwork.

(Made by artisans from Barmer, Rajasthan)