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Care: Wipe with Cloth

Lenght: 1.5 inches (approx.)

Material: Bamboo


Craftsmen of Tripura are known to make the finest bamboo products ranging from baskets to dalas (vegetable basket), rice keeping containers to the products of everyday use.  They have started using their techniques to make jewelry since 20-25 years. Bet bans (soft bamboo, 1.5 yrs old) are used to make jewelry. Earlier it was used to tie the components to make houses. ‘Takal’, a knife used to split the bamboo in thin pieces and ‘Dao’, a knife with a curved front come handy as the only two tools used in jewelry making. Adhesive to stick elements of the single piece together along with neatly made loops as linkages set the chain complete. Lacquer is used to give luster and waterproofing to the jewelry. An average of a piece a day is made by a single artisan. Another notably interesting fact is that it’s the women folk of the tribe who make these jewelry pieces in their free time from the household duties.

Style Tip: Best suited with formal and casual wear

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