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Shaped like a half moon, an inheritance that should be nurtured and cherished, these chand balis form a part of our rich cultural heritage. A shift from the usual chand balis, these hand-carved chand balis with ‘moti latkan’ add a raw, unfinished touch to Indian attire.

Process to make Lac: The natural lac sticks are mixed with colours to prepare coloured lac sticks. The sticks are slowly heated on charcoal fire simultaneously beating with wooden spatula and routed after forming the required length of coil.  It is cut from the main stick and all the ends are joined together to give it round shape. It is further put on a circular wooden beam and slipped through various heights for different sizes. After removing it from the circular rots, it is decorated with glass pieces, beads etc.

To give strength to these delicate lac ornaments, a silver covering is provided (so as to prevent the breakage).  Since these are hand made pieces, the colour and texture may appear uneven (though that enhances the appeal). 

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